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10:32 a.m. - 2005-01-06
Today is the day that I go to the gym after work and get my ass kicked by a personal trainer. I'm really on fire about this. I want to be healthy and strong so badly. To hell with my figure, looks and attractiveness. I want to do this because I really want to be able to kick some ass. The rest will come as a side benefit.

I've become so comfortable and complacent in my role as cute, chubby, busty girl that I've settled. I've gotten into the mindset that this is all there is. This is me.

But, there is a fire burning inside that tells me its my time to shed the complacency, and actually go after a goal. Not let a goal happen upon me and settle for its meager rewards. I'm making a decision and working to gain a result.

(Having a Fame flashback of Debbie Allen talking about pain and sweat...)


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