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9:48 a.m. - 2005-02-21
I think I have red hair now. I think its red. But it might be brown. Not sure. It looks different in every light. Its definately dark. Darker than I intended. But in a few more washes it might be exactly what I was going for. I wanted bronzy-brown hair. I was so sick of brown with blond stripes. Everyone and their dog has brown with blonde stripes. Now I have a nice non-descript shade of something. Just a bit dark.

I enjoyed my Friday. My first stop after work was at Sully's. He was proud to show me that he could walk with minimal limping, and even prouder to show me his torn up basement, which he promises will make me a fine weekend retreat with my own bathroom when the remodeling is done. He even went to far as to have a basement drying service come in to do some permanent dehumidifying. I think he's getting lonely. Tod hasn't been spending much time there of late and he's missing the company.

The birthday party for my brother was a flop. My mom was a bitch to me, as uausal when my brother is around, and I snapped at her. Then my brother left in a huff. He has no tolerance for conflict. He should have stayed. I holed up in my bedroom with The Shipping News and Monsoon Wedding. Thank God for movies. They provide the best distraction when there's nothing else to do.

Can I have my apartment now?


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