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2:15 p.m. - 2005-04-15
Asshole fix.
I am the proud owner of a real cable/digital TV service and cable internet service! Yay! I must have sounded really sad, because I wanted BBC America and HBO, but there were no cheap packages with them, so I got them for free. Now I can get Ballykissangel first runs, and watch Deadwood and Soprano's like all the cool kids. I also get Starz?, whatever that is, for free 3 months. Oh yeah, and I get the cable internet for free 3 months too.

This is exciting stuff for me, so don't laugh...

Apparently, I fumed out the neighborhood last night when cleaning the bathroom and blinds/windows. The people at the coffee shop downstairs were dropping off some stuff after hours and said today that they could smell the bleach in the parking lot. They were happy about that, of course, because they know I'll be a cleaning fanatic. I made sure to promise that I wouldn't do my fumigation during store hours though. I'm not sure coffee and bleach are complimentary smells.

I'm off to Bawlmer tonight to partake in some much needed assholery. Its been a few weeks since I've seen Sully, Six, Mr. Weasel and Smelliott the cat, and I'm feeling a bit disconnected. I always feel that way when I've been gone for more than two weekends in a row. I need an asshole fix. (Not of the bleachy variety exposed by Sixweasels in her entry yesterday. Eewww.)


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