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9:29 a.m. - 2005-05-06
The light at the end of the tunnel.
Some applause please? I went to the grocery store on Monday, and bought 4 Lean Cuisines (not my favorite, but on sale), and 4 boxes of veggies and at lunch at my desk every day this week (I'm including lunch today as well). I didn't spend $ on restaurant food, no snack machine attacks, and no lunch break shopping for "things I can't live without".

I've learned that I can wait for Sully to get his central air installed so I can get his window unit, instead of having to havea squeaky new one Right Now, and that I don't need to have a coffee table, and wall hanging Right Now to complete outfitting my apartment.

Its not easy, but I'm getting there. Maybe the slap in the face from the bank account was just what I needed to put things in perspective.

On the happier side - I'm going to The City this afternoon for a rollicking good time with my best of pals to eat seafood and drink beer to my hearts content. I budgeted 40 dollars for the occasion, and am determined to make it work. Maybe we'll find a decent happy hour buckabeer place to get a buzz on before moving on to the Irish Pub. I'm learning to be creative you see.

Yeah, I'm 34 all right...

Anyway, hope everyone is happy, healthy, or at least on the mend. To those with broken hearts, broken bones or broken homes, may peace come your way swiftly. Big hugs :)


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