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2:16 p.m. - 2005-05-17
Number two:

Here I am, on the couch, watching Bend it Like Bekkham and writing under the influence of codiene. Oh yeah, feeling fuzzy.

The diagnosis? Chronic allergies which are causing chronic infections. This one happens to be in the middle of my chest.

So? Allergy pills, anti-biotics, and cough syrup with codiene.

AND - miracle of miracles, an appt with an allergist on June 1. We're going for the root cause analysis approach, and its about time.

Maybe when I have a handle on what allergies are setting me off, I can attack them with shots or avoidance instead of treating the ensuing infections.

So, nothing scary or tricky really, just run of the mill allergies gotten out of hand.

But for now, bronchitis, sore throat and lots of drugs and bedrest.

I guess all those prayers, spells and well wishes worked. You guys are best! Now, just wish me the best for making the presentation on Thursday.

New movie now. L0ve Actually. One of my all time faves. Because I am at heart a sappy sucker for romance. And Liam Nees0n is absolutely adorable in it.

Hey, I just realized that I'm watching Keira twice in a row. Good thing she is one of Hollywood's least irritating leading ladies. She kicks ass.

Off to find dinner now. Lucky Charms is in the running.


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