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10:23 a.m. - 2005-07-05
Bits of assholery.
The weekend was fun. I spent Friday night with my bible belt Christian friends, which was a good time, but after the 100th Praise the Lord, I was ready to hear some conversation that isn't in the bible. Every other sentence, was Father God, Praise Jesus, etc. Which I don't mind in moderation, but I wanted a real conversation with my friends for a change, not an unending praise session. We never got to catch up, or talk about anything else.

Their kid is adorable though...

Saturday was a night out with Six that did not include penises, and that was refreshing. We actually had dinner out downtown! At a slow, leisurely pace! Then we partook in some boozeriffic activities, before heading the The Bar to round out the evening.

We were having such agreat time just being girls that when Sully called, we had to thinnk hard about what we were going to tell him to avoid picking him up and being subject to the three hour marathon on The Doors or 80s M TV or Rodney D@ngerfield.

Luckily, he was engaged in a foodfest himself with H and a friend of theirs they'd been out fishing with. Unfortunately for the other diners, they were eating in a diner stinking to high heaven of aquatic animals.

So Sully said they'd probably not make it out because they'd have to take showers before coming the The Bar.

Which made me think.

You who read Six and I know about the kind of regulary clientel that frequent The Bar. It ain't exactly fancy folk.

It totally cracked me up that they felt compelled to shower before meeting up with us at The Bar, but had no problem stinking up a popular restaurant at dinner time.

I am mystified...

Moving on to yeterday, I had dinner with the nephew and parents and learned that loud, trumpeting farts are not reserved to grown men and indelicate ladies. Seriously. The little man had a blowhorn attached to his ass last night.


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