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8:04 p.m. - 2005-08-07
Whew. The weekend was jam packed with non-stop assholery. I'm exhausted!


Featured a half day off work and time to wander around my alma mater waiting for Six to get off work. I went up to the campus store and picked out a new sweatshirt. My old one was so threadbare it disintegrated in the wash last winter.

We met up with her work friends at a popular Mexican club/restaurant for happy hour, Sully in tow. Sully had bought his usual 6 pack for the ride and was a half hour late getting into the restaurant because the thought of them getting all warm and ruined made him shiver. So he was well lit when he made it in to meet the co-workers Six's friend Dee brought with her.

Paulie managed to meet us out too. He was being fixed up with Dee's ex-boss, who pretty much took one look and said ew. Paul isn't ew. In fact, he's handsome, well traveled, has a good job and dressed quite nicely for a regular from The Bar. But, he still wasn't distinguished enough for the snotty ex-boss.

Sully and I picked up on this early, and being us, got into a conversation about penises that shocked the hell out of the ex-boss. Her eyes were huge at the first mention of the microscopic penis I was assaulted with a couple years ago. But, let it be said we had her laughing in the end. There was a repressed inner asshole there that was just waiting to be set free.

Dee's friends eventually left and we mosied on to another bar that had live music. The first performer was incredible, but the next two sucked whale balls. They pretty much screached and honked their ways through something called songs, but not really resembling songs. And with no booze in my system and Dee flirting with me again (the girl really has to come to terms with her bi-sexual nature and find a girl of like-tastes to crush on) I was so ready to get back home to The Bar and have drink to sip on in familiar surroundings.

We lost Dee that that point, and made our way back, getting gas on the way. And as luck would have it, H was out looking for us (because cell phones don't get service in that part of town), and he spotted us at a tiny gas station off the road where I almost knocked the damn gas thingie over because it only gave me 5 cents worth of gas before shutting down. Then I tried again and got 5 more cents.

Anyway, H followed us back and we played a little pool, and I lost. Which was embarrassing because I had just spent the last hour watching he and Sully and calling them the world's worst pool players and such, laughing, snarking, etc.

Its a good thing they love me...


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