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7:56 p.m. - 2005-09-04
Party, party, party.
If you want to know about the Sully Party, go read Sixweasels. It was good. It was very good...

The only thing I have to add is that Todd's family is quite taken with me. His dad walked immediately over to me, gave be a huge bear hug, a handshake and said, "Todd is going to be VERY happy to see you." Wink, wink.


Then his mom came over and asked, "Where have you been? We expected you to come visit us, and you never have. Come for dinner. Come visit us and Todd whenever you want. You are always welcome in our home. We miss you..."


Methinks the family of Todd is courting me as a daughter-in-law. Its nice to know someone wants me.

Oh, and I think I've developed a new habit. We got back to Sully's house after the party, and stayed up dancing until dawn. Suly, Six, Todd and two of Sully's married work friends tore up the living room dancing in a way which would lead one to believe we were mental. Not a one of us can dance. I used to be able to, but lately, my style is more that of a two year old who bounces here and there to the beat of her own drummer. So, I'm sure that grateful Sully neighbors everywhere who got up at dawn to jog or take walks were releived when I decided I was hot, tired, and needed to take my pants off in front of strangers, and curl up on lazy boy to go to sleep.

Which lasted about 6 hours, when it needed to be 18.

But, it was all worth it. Every minute. There is nothing better than throwing everything you have into a party to celebrate someone you love than seeing the bone deep appreciation in his eyes.

And that's Assholia at the core.

Love, loyalty, laughter.

Lots of laughter.

It was good...


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