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9:08 a.m. - 2005-10-25
Friday adventure.
I only have 8 days to work until the cruise. I took Halloween off for no special reason. I just like Halloween. What sucks is that every neighborhood around here does the trick or treat thing the week before, so there really isn't anything speial to do.

Perhaps I'll go see The C0rpse Br1de in honor of all things morbid and creepy. It can't be too scary.

Right now, I'm just counting the days till Friday, when I'm free again and get to celebrate the upcoming divorce with Sixweasels in style. Asshole style, that is. Its the big "10th Anniversary, but not really," party where Six and all her buds get to go out and be assholes just because.

Its really kind of a coming out party/anti-bachelorette party for the soon to be divorced. And as such, I'm sure there will be shots, much mention of new penises, and general harrassment.

Hey Arch - we might need a stripper. Can you get here by 6 on Friday?

Heh, heh. Just kidding Six. No strippers. I promise. We'll save that for the actual signing. And I promise his name will not be Christian Diablo...


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