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10:22 a.m. - 2005-11-24
Happy Turkey Day
In T-minus three hours and thirty minutes I will commence putting myself into a Turkey coma.

My sausage and wild rice stuffing turned out perfectly. I almost ate it last night all by myself. But, I resisted and ate yogurt instead. I love me some yogurt. Weird, huh?

I'm off to shower and head over the the parental abode to partake in the greatest of all American holidays. The nephew will be the entertainment du jour, until 6pm when we will gather round the boob tube and watch A Christmas Story until we all cry uncle and go our separate ways to snooze the night away.

Then tomorrow, I will go out to the mall to see if I can find an unbeatable deal on curtains and a pots and pans set. I'm still working with POV hardware in the kitchen. Its pitiful. My stickfree frying pan obviously thought that the stick free coating was supposed to the free from sticking to the pan itself.

This will be my second venture out to shop on Black Friday. I'm ready. I'm focused. And hopefully, I'll miss the early AM frenzy, because I AIN'T DRAGGING MY LAZY ARSE OUT OF BED AT 4AM to go shopping. Freaks...


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