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4:25 p.m. - 2005-12-23
Update and a story.
Hello everyone! Its funny how sometimes this is a diary, and others, its more like a giant email out to all my friends.

Surgery wise, I'm feeling greatly recovered. The pain is so minimal, I haven't taken anything in two days. I know, however, that there's a lot of wounding inside and out that I may not be able to feel greatly that I need to be gentle about.

I finally called my doc about this sinus infection because its making me more miserable than the surgery ever did. And in this condition, I know my immune system has better things to work on. So I'll give my body as much support as I can.

Max called again yesterday (insert backflips/girlie squeals, etc.). The poor baby has the flu, but cannot miss an hour of work. Crew life is tough. There is no pity for the under the weather. So I comforted him as much as I might by cell phone once he finished making sure that I was OK, and getting better, taking care of me, etc. He's such a sweetheart. Someone's mama taught him right.

On an even sadder note, I as in the Dr.'s office yesterday to get the staples taken out. (Gross) While waitign for 1.5 hours I made friends with a 18 year old girl who got there after me. She was a sweetheart. She was so nervous and just talked non-stop. She asked me if I'd seen any other girls her age in there. I said, not many. Actually none. I'm the youngest I've ever seen there. Since he's a Gyn Oncology specialist, that's not surprising.

She told me her story about how she lost her virginity to a creep, thinking that he loved her and that they were doing something really special, and got HPV. For those who don't know, HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that almost always leads to pre-cancerous cells in the cervix and then to cancer.

She told me that she had the pre-cancerous cells, which is why she had been seeing the Dr. The poor kid is in highschool. I take it her family support isn't great, because she was there with a friend who had played hookey to be with her. I also know she is in the lower bracket income wise, because she has state health insurance.

She said that she felt dirty and stupid and disgusting and that she blamed herself for possibly giving herself cancer, and losing out on her chance to have babies (its impossible now) from that one sexual experience. I spent a lot of time with her explaining that that was the farthest thing from the truth. I hope she let that sink in.

She also told me that she was bitten by a brown recluse spider in bed twice in two months and had to go to the hospital each time to get treated. She said the bite was the most unimagineable pain she'd ever felt. And the treatment was disgusting because her legs had swollen up so large and had to be drained. The last bite was last month.

The bites have left her with huge scars and huge areas of discoloration on her legs.

She then got a staph infection (also rare) that had to be treated.

I don't think I've ever met a kid who had suffered so much, yet had such a great attitude. This one had certainly rolled with the punches. She has some inner stregnth that most people can only dream about. And the sweetest disposition.

When she walked out of the Dr.'s office, she was in tears. I know for sure that he told her she has cancer. Nothing else would have phased this kid. She was afraid that he would tell her that. No matter what the solution, the kid is going to have to miss school for weeks, possiby have a hysterectomy, lose her natural hormones, chemo, etc.

I wanted to take her in my arms and walk her through this and help her to see that she is a beautiful person and that her positive energy/warm personality make this world a better place for everyone.

I know this kid will be OK. I hope she has a good support system. I know for sure that the friend she came to the appt with seemed like a good close friend. Someone she might have throughout her life.

Please do what you can to send this kid God's grace, all the healing/protecting energy of the universe, and maybe a little luck. Lord knows that she needs and deserves all the luck that comes her way. She's been majorly ripped off, and is due.

She told me that she was telling her story to everyone who would listen. All her friends, kids at school. She's lost her embarrassment over it. She just wants kids to know what can happen.

So, I'm helping her along.

God bless her. Wherever she is.


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