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11:54 a.m. - 2006-02-05
Max's Family Dinner
I got to speak to The Son this morning. He was playing secretary for his dad while dad was up in a tree picking oranges. They were preparing for Sunday dinner on the family compound with relatives and friends. It sounded like a Sunday picnic in a churchyard. Children screaming and running, ladies talking to eachother and accusing Max of stealing the broom. I think it was just general harrassment, but knowing Mr. OCD, he was probably cleaning something earlier.

He installed a washing machine for a neighbor earlier this morning. All the things he's done for folks since he's been home makes me think that they just wait for him to return to get thigns done so they get the opportunity to spend time with him. Its so cute. This is the longest stretch he's spent home in a very long time. The last few years, he's only spent one or two weeks home, then the rest somewhere on the west coast of the USA with a family that sort of adopted him a while ago. Even holidays he's spent with them. So this trip has been more about re-connection and nurturing his roots and his offspring. I could hear the ease in his son's voice when I talked to him. All he needed was special, extended one on one time with his dad to ease the anger of separation. He's a good kid. And he's every bit the off-spring of his father. No doubt. And his daughter is always happy go lucky. She's a daddy's girl all the way.

They must be very fortunate in their mother. With Max at sea the majority of the year, you know she brought those kids up single-handedly. Between that and working I'd say she has had her hands full.

So, back to Max, the dates are set. He wasn't able to squeeze out another day or two from the cruise line, but at least we have one full day and two nights. The first day he gets there at noon, so I'm trying to get a ticket for a similar arrival time. Its getting tricky though. Prices went up this weekend. Rat bastards.

I'll manage something though. I always do. But I'll be packing lunch for a while.

I guess I had better take a shower and get out into the world.


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