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7:58 a.m. - 2006-03-21
Here comes the priest...
Progressive Maxamania entry: The Priest Arrives

So, I told you that Max and I almost had to get another hotel room due to a contracting fiasco among the cruise lines that put their staff up in the original hotel. But, the front desk manager guy assured us that nobody would be interrupting the booty call in the middle of the night.

We wound up having a decent night's sleep (a couple hours) interspersed with booty, more booty, some tickling, tons of laughter, a bit of background sharing, and then, more booty.

We had had lunch the day before when we went to get his cell phone fixed (Zen had a buffalo chicken sandwich, and Max had 10 wings with fries - Hooters ya know...). So we were good to go for a while. Unfortunately, the phone shop was closed, so we had to make plans to leave the room the next day to do some errands.

We did make our way to downtown Miami the next morning, where he reunited with every Vincentian in Miami, and was welcomed with open arms at every merchant location we passed. He's been at this for 16 years, and Miami is the home port for his cruise line. So, it appears that he's become very popular. You'd have thought that he was a super star or something the way people ran out of their stores to greet him. And stare me down with quizzical brows, begging for introductions.

We went back to Hooters for more buffalo wings and sandwiches (Max had been deprived for 3 months so I indulged) We also did his pre-boarding shopping for toiletries. He needed special hair stuff, deoderant, soap, etc. And he wanted a particular body lotion from Nivea. The liquid one in the dark blue bottle. Because it makes him "soft and shiny". You should have sen his face when he couldn't find it. He looked so dejected. So, he settled for the pot of creme, not really convinced that it would deliver the results he was expecting.

Yeah. I have a soft, shiny lover.

Oh, but I forgot about the priest!

Yeah. No. We did not get married. I promise!

But we did have a priest in our room at one point. Unfortunately, that point was at 3am in the morning on Saturday, when we had just fallen asleep to prepare for departure sex.

I heard a rumbling at the door and woke Max up to go see who it was. And damned if it wasn't a Chinese priest who was going onboard another ship the next day. Apparently the desk managers had changed and this one didn't know about me being in the room. And as it turned out, he also didn't give a shit. So, the priest slept around the corner on a cot, while Max and I breathed heavy, staring at the ceiling, waiting for morning so the priest could get the hell out of the room.

We heard rumblings around 6am, and the priest went into the shower. We considered a quickie, but assumed that the dude would understand that we were running short on time and would need some privacy before the staff shuttle arrived at 8.

It didn't happen. The dude took his shower, zipped up his bags, neatened up his bed, then sat on the floor to meditate, then pray for 1.5 hours.

The sexual tension in the room should have knocked him into the next century.

So, it was sad already, but I think that some happy hormones would have made me a little less sad and lonely feeling when Max hit the road to the ship.

Damn that priest! (I just went to hell, didn't I?)

Anyway, as you can probably guess, I was a snot filled tear factory as I sat on the floor packing my bag. Max just pulled me up into him arms, kissed my head, and listened to me spout off about how a fucking priest had to pray for an hour and I had to walk away from Max sad, and sexually frustrated.

Only me.

Seriously, only a Zen would go all the way to Florida to sleep with a Raggae rattling, country gospel singing, pick-up truck loving Caribbean AND a Chinese priest.


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