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10:29 a.m. - 2006-04-18
Me -n- Cash sittin' in a tree...
I want to be Stranded with Cash Peters. Isn't he the cutest, and weirdly sexiest man alive? His personality is so over the top funny, ingratiating, invasive, inquisitive.

I want to marry Cash Peters and get stranded with him.

So take that Max! I'll bet that Cash would find a phone in the middle of the Saharan desert that worked so we could have an actual conversation. So you've been replaced.

But Cash and I can't go to Africa, or anywhere there are men of African descent, because when I'm miffed at Max, I get the strongest urge to tie them up and flick rubber bands at them. All of them. Which might get me killed, arrested, or fed to hungry lions in many parts of the world.

So its all about Me and The Cash. I want to have that job. Cash could beg for the room, and eat all the nasty stuff, while I socialize and laugh my ass off at his antics.

Can you see it?


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