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3:38 p.m. - 2006-06-22
Goodbye Zen-mobile.
Tonight at 5:30 or so, I'll be the proud owner of a brand new CR-V.

The weird thing is, that I'm kind of having separation anxiety for my old car. It was my first new car, and even though I was never really crazy about her, we've been through a lot together. Been to a lot of places. Made-out in her quite a few times. In fact, Max and I discovered our mutual attraction in that car, on the pier last November.

I also stood up to a potential sexual assult in that car, and ended up humiliating a very bad man and thumping him pretty good.

I got my college degree with that car.

Lots of memories.

I'm hoping some kid with a little pocket change and a lot of adventure buys it and enjoys the trip as much as I did.

I'll just keep thinking that and be happy.

Silly, isn't it? How I humanize objects? And animals.

I like it though. It makes life more colorful when you're a little kooky. And as I might just end up being the crazy dog lady down the lane with the goofy clothes and garden gnomes lining the driveway, I may as well indulge myself a little now.


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