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7:42 p.m. - 2006-07-18
Past lives and happy, happy play time.
The coolest thing happened.

Dead Like Me has been picked up by Sci-Fi and I am currently watching the premier. This makes me very happy. I got into it when it was on the cable channel, very briefly, then, poof! it was gone.

This brings me to another sci-fi type of thingie. I had a very intense dream last night about me and some of my friends being witches, and Big Brother doing a witch hunt and us doing everything we could to avoid being identified and killed. Something straight out of the Salem witch trials. I remember there was a pond in the dream, and a quaint little village. Yet, it seemed fairly modern. I was wearing pants at least. And I think I remember a TV.

It was me, my Great Lakes friend, a friend of his, and several other people I don't know. Maybe we were witchy friends in a past life? Who knows what connections hold fast in dimensions we can't fathom?

Weird, huh?

Weird things happen when you can't sleep, and you do an inventory of your toy box, and maybe try a few things out that you haven't combined before and end up getting to bed late, but happy. Maybe a bit of latent Catholic guilt?

Hmm. Maybe I should do an experiment, or maybe call it recovering Catholic therapy or something :)

Oh yeah, I got my order from Amazon today, including the Cold Mountain cd for Max. I'm gonna write something out on a cute little card and send it off.

He's gonna love it.

I also got the movie Son in Law, because it is one of my all time favorie feel good movies. And Pauli Shore used to be my boyfriend when I was in college. I mean that in a facitious, not telling the truth kind of way...


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