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1:48 p.m. - 2006-08-15
How do they find me?
The swinger mojo strikes again. All I was doing was shopping at K0hls for a pair of jeans. Keeping myself to myself, looking through racks, humming along to the store tunes, and this dude hops in front of my face and starts chatting me up. I was pretty fucking annoyed because I was in one of those zones, enjoying the aloneness, getting lost in the racks and here this horney swinger dude interrupts my daze asking me all about where do I go out around here??? How old am I because I look like a teenager (obviously not if he used that line from the get go.)

Then he flags wifie over and tells her all about how I look like a teenager, but am not and then stares are her, she nods, and he asks me if I want to go out tonight with them, my choice.

I had just had lunch and it was making its way up my espohogus in a hurry. I furrowed my brow, jacked up my nose, snarled my lips, bared my teeth, and said, loudly, "SO NOT interested." And walked away.



What is up with the fuckin' swinger mojo? And you know what? They kinda looked like a couple who propositioned me back at Six's dad's old bar in 1999.


Couple of pedophiles.

I should have pretended I was a teenager and got them arrested.


I should qualify this that I am not a swinger hater. Normally, I would be somewhat flattered, and politely say, no thanks. But these people were seriously skeevy.


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