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9:29 a.m. - 2006-08-18
Dreams and playing the poop card.
I've been having the weirdest dreams about going back to school. Not part-time, but actually going back to highschool and college.

Last night, it was a dream about how everyone in their mid-thirties takes a year off of work and has to go back to highschool for a year. It was fun! Because you got to go to highschool with your current friends. And you got to choose your classes. I chose music, cooking, gym, poetry, film making, world politics, motorcycle repair, and I took a bizarre math class and physics. Everyone took the cooking class though and it was basically a big food fight every day.

On another note, I checked out the speed dating opportunities in the area (only in The City it seems) and they are all happy hour and weekday. Nothing I can make it to. I'll keep checking though. It looks like a lot of fun.

Much more fun than trying to find a decent man on-line who lives within 50 miles from me. I've looked over pet lover dating sites, Match, plenty of fish, OK Cupid, and a few more. And all I have to say is pervert, redneck, nerdball, eeew.

Nothing. Well, maybe one. ONE. Out of hundreds. And those fuckin' corny catch phrases or questions. There is a butt load of idiotic assholes out there.

You might be surprised by how many men think its attractive to mention right of the bat how may women lie or play games. The last man I want to date is one who has a big, huge fuckin' chip on his shoulder about women. If its that bad, stay home.

And you can bet that its the same men who lie, cheat, play games and treat a woman like shit.

Arrogant assholes. That's what I found.


At least in person, I can lobb a spit ball at any men who insult me or skeeve me out.

Or if I get any persistant ones, I can pretend I have to poop and leave the vicinity. The poop card has only failed me once.

I have no shame.


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