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5:10 p.m. - 2006-08-18
Poor, poor pitiful me.
Entry two:

Is you read Six, you cam imagine that little Zen over here is a puddle of tears and self-pity.

My co-dependant group of assholes have all become independant and left me behind like a puppy along the side of the road.

OK, that was blowing it out of proportion a bit. But, so you see what I mean?

I did make a new friend this week. But she isn't single, or an asshole. She's a yoga friend. We might room together at a yoga retreat.

Its nice, but not terribly exciting.

I need new city prowling friends so I don't feel so deprived and abandoned.

And a new sign on my forehead that says, "Will you be my friend?", instead of, "I fuck all sadistic perverts, arrogant assholes and especially swingers."

Pathetic, huh?


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