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11:37 a.m. - 2006-08-24
What's goin' on.
If you get a chance, think warm thoughts for my Great Lakes friend who is going to help his little girl kitty move onto kitty heaven tonight. He's a braver human that I am.


I am planning on another quiet weekend at home. I do have a date (not really...) with my Bookstore friend. He is doing an open mike night at a local tavern with his friend who's in that incredible bad I told you about.

The poor has just been put through the ringer on a rather public date and needs all the validation he can get. The lady, shall we say, was a real flaming asshole of a bitch. Anyway, a night out with live music is always to good way to spend free time.

Not sure what's up for Saturday or Sunday yet. I might hang out at a friend's pool on Sunday, because her birthday party is the same day as Six's so I have to do something special for her. I'm thinking I'll bring lunch and a present and we can decompress a bit.

I really need to do some late spring cleaning in my apartment too. The dust is as prolific as bunnies. Which I guess is why those big ole blobs of it are called dust bunnies. Or maybe not.

Oh, hey! I have good news! This new whole foods diet thingamajig isn't so bad. As Six told me, I've lost a whole weasel so far. Last week I had lost a weasel's ass. Many more weasels to go (a whole colony), but at least I haven't participated in any poor behavior. Maybe there's something to this eating plan. And, I forgot to take my meds yesterday, but didn't feel like crap like I normally do. So the BP was under control. This diet is fairly sodium free. I can definately feel the difference.

I am also having some success with integrating it with the yogi lifestyle. My brian is such a mess. I've been a like a kid with ADD. Thoughts shotting here and from, no ability to remember anything. I have a hell of a lot of work to do to settle it all down and sort it out. Meditation is my lifeline.

I'll be doing more research on the vacation thing this weekend, and might be seeing a travel agent or two to get input. We'll see what I come up with. (Yay!)


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