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7:46 a.m. - 2006-08-28
A fulfilling weekend after all.
Wow. Booking a vacation from end to end has done wonders for my attitude. All of a sudden, being home alone on the weekend was fun and relaxing. And I don't mind going to work so much because I'll be off for a good bit of the end of the year.

I still have a week to schedule and I'm thinking I need a week in October to enjoy the falling leaves. Then I'll use the last three days for long weekends. I seriously need a day to do a late spring cleaning on the apartment.

I did end up going out Friday night. I had dinner with J at a semi-fancy bistro with live jazz and blues (which I can only listen to over dinner) and great vegetarian fare. We spent three hours chatting over free wine (someone bought us wine) and great chow. Then I wandered off to open mic night with my Bookstore friend performing to rave reviews, and three other bands/performers that really floored me. If I had known that this podunk town had such talent swimming in it, I'd have stayed home more often.

I even have new friends. BSF's buddies waved me offer from the bar and ordered me to scoot into their booth and introduce myself. They included The Band members, various gilfriends and wives, friends... Really cool people. Mostly my age too. BSF is mid-fifties, but has an affinity for young people. He'a a grandpa who wants nothing in common with other grandpas or grandmas. Which is problematic, because he has the same taste in dates, but women in their twenties and thirties just aren't going to go there. At least...they haven't. Its kind of sad be denies his age and his age group so strongly.

Saturday night I went to a casino about an hour away. I'm not so much into the gambling, but its great people watching. And after winning and losing, I broke even, so a very inexpensive night. And the live entertainment, was...entertaining.

So it is possible for me to have a social life outside of my co-dependant group of assholes.

And I'm going on two yoga/meditation retreats this fall. It doesn't get much better.


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