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8:05 a.m. - 2007-03-19
And a good time was had by all.
Still no word from the potentially gay, but is so rude and thoughtless he must not be gay afterall ball.

Oh well...

And on to (drum roll) Sullypalooza!!!!

Holy crap it was fun!!! I drank Peachy Cape Codders till I had vodka coming out of my ears, traumatized the men with my boobage, which was strategically popping out of my rather skimpy pink sweater, was assaulted numerous times by a horny old man who had just gotten separated and thought I was his new girl (ewww), had a sort of quiet and drawnout showdown with the guy with the little penis who tried to assault me when I was trashed a couple years ago (remember him? Yeah - he was so scared and pathetic...), danced till my ass nearly fell off, or felt like it was going to, had brief phone sex with Tod, draped myself over Old Balls (don't ask - its not as bad as it sounds) at the end of the night while waiting for my cab to... H's for a booty call.

I kinda thought that was over, but it seems he was inspired, and then I was inspired, and he had a new found respect for my boobs (I'm wearing that pink sweater more often) and was more on his game than ever (purrrr).

I may have a torqued back, screaming muscles all over, and bruises peppering my skin, but it was HELL of a night.

That's it for now. I'm sure Six will have more to add when she recovers enough to type.


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