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9:52 a.m. - 2007-03-20
MISC Recovery Update
For those concerned, I am well on the road to Sullypalooza recovery. Sunday was hellacious, yesterday was ...ouch..., and today, I feel energized and content. A little booty goes a long way.

Which bring me to a new point of enlightenment. I want permanent, daily booty. It would make me a brand new person. I'd be happy and content and relaxed every day of my life. Can you imagine?

I did spy a very handsome young man in the coffee shop this AM. Black hair, blue eyes, average height and build. Perfectly accepable now that I'm venturing away from my oversized bald ugly man fetish. And I think this one might be Irish, because a kilt would look mighty fine on his butt.

Yes, I am back on the kilt thing. H told me about this guy he and Sully bought the keg from who wore a kilt on St. Patty's. I berated him for not calling me up so I could "help".

I suppose I should really work now. And I have to go to the potty. Its been closed all morning, because the guys are fixing the heat.


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