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7:16 a.m. - 2007-06-04
Lord what a weekend.

I took my mom to afternoon tea to celebrate her 65th B-day! Nothing makes a lass feel older... No, kidding. Seriously, I just got carded Friday night when ordering a bottled Mojito drink (blech...). I nearly slept with the bar tender in gratitude.

OK, again, kidding...

Saturday, I went to an art show and met many freaky people. And some not so freaky, but uber talented ones. Its a brave new world out there.
One that's fun, and new, but not so much mine. I had to turn up my own freak factor just to converse with some of those people. I always said I'd be the eccentric old dog lady down the street one day. I'm just practicing up.

Yesterday, I straightened up my apartment a bit. Its OK now, but the bathroom and kitchen need a scrubbing. I started doing that yesterday with a brand new Mr Clean product in a sray bottle, but the smell was so gross! So I stopped.

I also make a pot of greens with ham (sorry eccentric veggie friends) yesterday and roasted some asparagus and carrots with grill seasoning. And I watched a couple movies because it was raining outside and there was nothing better to do.

And I petted the dog a lot. She's not doing much these days but laying around and sleeping. Sr. Citizen dog activities. We moved the cage out of the house, because its too hard to care for her when you have to bend over the thing, and she gets unhappy when you pick her up out of it. So now, she has a dog bed on the floor which makes assisting a lot easier on the back.

I had a dream last night about the smart, funny dog she used to be.


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