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8:57 a.m. - 2007-06-09
Not my asshole to bear.
I had a profound moment at work yesterday.

You see, I'm a narcissist (sp??? don't really care...)

Yup, I believe that I am solely responsible for obliterating all assholes (the bad kind) from the face for the earth, and protecting others from them.

But I encountered an asshole yesterday who just didn't seem worth it. I'm tired of being the defender. So, I let him be someone's else's asshole to bear.

Assholes are like crosses.

He wasn't my asshole to bear.

So, I walked away and breathed a little easier.

And, speaking of assholes, YOU, we need to get together on a weekend for Zen playtime in your neck of the woods! I'll give ya call this weekend.


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