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8:06 a.m. - 2007-11-28
Boring entry.
Lordie! As a diarist, I flunk. That's OK though. I have stuff to do and think about. Like the presentation I have to give to my uber boss about my team and what our focus is going to be next year. Nothin' like getting things thrown at you all a once.

Its OK. I'm a brave girl.

Hey, did I tell you I spent time with Batten, Eastportgrl and Sixweasels this past weekend? I did. And it was pretty nice. Though I have learned my lesson about going to The Bar. That is the smokiest place on earth. Maybe because of the low ceilings. And when I don't go weekend after weekend, the smoke overwhelms my poor senses. After 20 minutes, I was puffy eyed, runny nosed and wheezy.

And, of course, my alcohol tolerance is non-existant. So I was the consummate tee-totaler.


I'm finally feeling better in general though. The crazy two week cold/bronchitus is finally gone. For the most part. But still, I'm counting my blessings where I can.


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