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7:13 a.m. - 2008-10-22
I SOOOO do not want to work this week. I must have really vacated on vacation...

I had a new contractor start yesterday. He's really nice. He's also pretty small. So next to contractor number one (the giant one that makes me drool), he looks like a kid. It's so cute!

People at work yesterday thought I looked skinnier. So, something is working. Maybe all that walking? I'm gonna keep that up. Plus the gym. I have realized that I'm turning 40 in a couple years, and things are going to start drooping if I don't head that off at the pass. So I'm going to start doing some light weights to see what works for me, then build on them as I get stronger. I'm probably losing muscle mass right now, because I'm not exactly working out regularly.

Bad me...

On the financial side, I have two new mentors who have actually gotten some sense to sink into my head. Dee (of Sixweasels fame) and I spent an evening together a couple weeks ago. She and I were talking about my financial fiasco (way too much debt for my income), and the reasons behind it. And I never realized, until she drew it all out, just how bad my spending habits are. And how much money I literally throw away. I might as well put half my salary in the trash can for what I get back for it.

And my Great Lakes friend also talked some sense into me about what I could do with my money if I paid off the mess and started saving (which I don't). Possible early retirement, travelling, giving more to charity.

He suggested a modest cash fund each month that I can use for fun money (I've never done that. I pretty much see it and buy it with no regard to my poor checking account.)

So, I am officially in money saving mode. Paying off nasty credit cards, my car, and eventually my 401K loan (which I have to admit, saved me from losing gobs of money in the recent Wall Street idiocy)...

I have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I think its hope!

Maybe I just needed someone, or someones, who cared enough to confront me on my habits. People usually leave me alone about that stuff, assuming maybe that I don't need help, or want it. You know, I'm just sooo together... LOL!

Yeah, I'm a mess.


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