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7:42 a.m. - 2008-10-24
Election Rant
Is Joe the Plumber being paid for his role in the presidential campaigns? Seriously, if the whole presidential race is hanging on Joe the Plumber, he should be paid. He's obviously being used as a fucking pawn in this political race by both candidates. Where's his salary?

Joe dude! I'm on your side.

Fuck the candidates and their self-rightious, condescending use of an American citizen for their own gain.

It's all posturing, and no substance. Less than two weeks away, and I still haven't heard one solid, detailed plan from either candidate.

One is going to win the war. How exactly?

The other is going to fix healthcare and even the income playing field. Um, with what magic wand?

Fuck it. I hate elections. All the posturing, the negative ads, and the obvious deflection of tough questions that might actually require solid answers.

And to top it all off, my state sucks about giving people absentee ballots. They frown upon it. I'm still waiting...


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