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9:00 p.m. - 2008-11-09
More vacation updates.
So, part of the whole witch problem may have been me. But I only take partial responsibility.

It all started when I went into the first shop, across the street from the hotel where I was staying. (The Hotel H@wthorne is sooooo cool!)

The witch behind the counter, who I suspect was also the owner, gave me a lecture of all of the practicing witches in Salem (4000 of them). I was impressed, and asked about the types of witchcraft practiced in town. She told me about witches and warlocks and light magick and dark...

All good to know.

Then I expressed my interest in knowing how the town of Salem became a mecca for practicing witches, when the the lesson learned from the Salem witch trials was that the witches were indeed - NOT WITCHES.

They were just people suffering from the wrong end of a social fued.

So how does that add up, and isn't it funny?

It wasn't funny...

Then we went into a few more witch stores, and I've never seen a bunch of more depressed, mean, goth wearing bitches and freaks in my life. It wasn't cool, it was just pathetic. I couldn't help but think that these were a bunch of poseurs, and not real witches afer all.

Allthe witches I know are really good, loving, intelligent folk that don't think they have to wear the "costume" of gothic withdom to fit into the mold.

And it wasn't Halloween leftovers, as I was firmly told that that holiday was over.


I celebrate Haloweeen better than any of those pathetic creatures.

So overall, my Halloween pilgrimage was a bust. My own town has more Halloween spirit, and more true practicing witches than ten Salems.

Oh, and I think I was cursed. Because the oven caught on fire in my Aunt's house. My Aunt (read third cousin, two generations older) blamed it on me, saying that the first witch probably wants me to burn a the stake for bringing the whole discrepancy issue to light...


You know I can't keep my mouth shut.

Oh, and I think I gained at least ten pounds in a week. Clam chowder wherever I went, lobsters till they came out of my ears, and cookies shoved at me by well-meaning old ladies.

It was fun though. And I can wholeheartedly recommend Capt@in P@rkers Pub on Cape C0d for the best clam chowder tasted during the whole trip. Thick, rich and tasty as hell. A close second was the Bluep0int Diner in New B$dford Mass, if you're m0re into the thinner chowder loaded with bacon.

Oh well. I'll just start again on the whole foods eating plan.

I'm actually craving it.


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