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7:19 a.m. - 2009-11-23
Not working
I have to write this quick, because my cleaning lady will be here in half an hour or so to kick me out.

I bought the cutest little fresh Christmas tree last night. Its about 2 feet high and smells like pine. I guess it is pine...

I've finally found one good thing about being diabetic. I'm back into some of my cool jeans from a few years ago. I even bought a pair of those skinny jeans to wear with knee boots. They'll only last a couple months or so but I needed something new and hot while waiting for the rest of my skinny clothes to start fitting. Of course, when I get to "goal weight" as prescribed by the doctor, I'll be significantly smaller. So I'll eventually need a whole new wardrobe. I guess I need to start saving now...

CASA and the other local shelters are going to love me.

I'm going out to buy x-mas gifts today. I got cool looking punk sweaters for the god kids yesterday, and am shopping for mom and step-dad today. Getting it done early.

And I might borrow a bathtub - so to speak - get agood, trashy book, and take a two hour bubble bath.

Things I'd rather be doing while working...


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