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8:23 a.m. - 2010-01-31
Teching up.
I'm getting all geeked up today. My Indian tech guru at work found me a laptop with a surprise in it.

I haven't been able to move on a Mac because the pricetag is just too high for someone who only wants to spend money on shoes and cosmetics... And travel...

So I had a sit down with my geek and told him what I wanted.

And he found me this G@teway laptop that's advertized as a i3, but is actually an i5 (super fast) and it plays Blu-ray, AND you can hook it up to your TV and it'l play Blu-rays on it in HD!

So I saved $$$ on a BluRay player too. And it's only $499.

I'm gonna take it into work on Monday so he can geek it up for me.

I'm also buying an iPod 32 today at a store where I can get a 10% discount. That's the best deal I've found so far. Those things never go on sale, and I want to load some music and movies on it for the cruise. And there are some cool apps that can help manage Diabetes.

And what will I sacrifice in order to afford these things? Cruise massages. Yes, cruise massages actually cost as much as a computer and an iPod... And since I'm always let down after them, It won't be a great loss. I've been spoiled by my local massage therapists who actually give a shit.

I'm so excited!!!

OK, I'll de-squeal now.


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